A long lost love affair: Revisited

Last week I challenged you all to write a letter to the one you love in a bid to keep old fashioned romance alive. Today I thought I’d share mine with you. I’ll be honest here, this is an old letter written to my husband for our wedding day. Since I’ve written this we have been blessed with the newest addition to our family, Benjamin, and for me the sentiment is now greater.

To my husband, the love of my life, my truest friend,

I am never more in love with you than when you are being a doting father to our amazing little boy. And it gives me great pride and comfort to know that the wonderful, perfect, craziness that we love in him comes from the both of us. He is proof that we are meant to be together and bless the world with beautiful little nutters.

You are a better father, a better friend and a better man than you can possibly know, and for this I am eternally grateful.

You are my partner in indescribable, utterly wonderfully, weirdness and when we come together I become an uncontrollable force that causes me to cry with inconsolable laughter at jokes that only we understand.

There is a part of me that is intrinsically you and where the rest of me is, is a space waiting to be filled with the person that you continue to become each day.

You are my best friend, you know me better than anyone and yet you still stomach my many questions, my many compulsions and my ‘terrible’ taste in music. Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to share these with you (no matter how much you wish I wouldn’t) and thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life making you feel the same.

There are many things that bug me; your excessive pacing, your inability to control your volume, the way you open the fridge again and again before you decide what to eat. But all of these mean nothing compared to what I love about you; your cheeky smile, your single dimple, your misguided opinion that you are spontaneous, the way you hug me from behind when I’m washing up, that you can reach the top shelf, the fact that you are my own personal barista…

Ten years may sound like a long time, but compared to the time we still have together it’s really just a moment. And I look forward to building a whole lifetime of moments with you.

Your always loving, always honest, always empathetic wife

If anyone would like to share theirs then I’d love to hear them!


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