A public apology to an ex best friend

The term best friend seems so silly and possessive now but when I was younger it held so much power and with this came the silly argument that ended the best friendship I ever had.

We were inseparable, she was the Dionne to my Cher and I let that go.

It’s the age old story; she moved school, met new people and all of a sudden I felt I was no longer her ‘Best Friend’, so I confronted her when I should have just been happy being her friend at all.

She has now done fantastic things with her life and maybe my silly, selfish remark was some greater cosmic force at work insuring that I did not hold her back; but it is more likely me being an idiot.

It is due to this blog that we have gotten back in touch which is fantastic but I feel like I have missed out on so much of her life.

She recently told me that I write with such honesty, so what a better time to say what has plagued my mind for near on eleven years now.

So here it is, my public apology to my ex best friend, an ode to all the secret spy club missions, the non band band practices and all the week long summer sleepovers.


4 thoughts on “A public apology to an ex best friend

  1. Hi Hannah,

    I can relate so much to your blog! Thank you for writing it. I really understand.

    When I was in high school, I had a best friend and we really loved each other. There was a beautiful way that we understood each other and could talk about anything and everything for hours. Because I’d not experienced much love in my short lifetime, I really cherished the time we spent together. And we got super close in a short period of time.

    Then I was a total idiot and did something to really hurt her. Looking back, I understand the whole thing. I was trying to push her away…. and I succeeded at doing that. So much so, that she didn’t want to be my friend again. It still pains me to this day, but there’s not much I can do about it. I decided to let it go a while ago.

    It makes me happy that you’ve reconnected with your friend and let bygones by bygones. The past is the past, and the love you have for one another is what really matters.

    I think we both learned a valuable lesson from our mistakes: friendship is precious, and deserves to be protected from our negative tendencies. In your case, possessiveness, in my case, fear of living up to something really beautiful. I’m glad to have learned that, and I am taking really good care of my friends now.

    Thank you!


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