Monet Wedding

With the beginning of Autumn starting to rear its head a bit of colourful inspiration is in order. Today’s wedding inspiration comes in the form of the paintings of Claude Monet. Monet’s work was heavily influenced by nature, he loved to document the French countryside leading him to paint the same scene many times over in order to capture the changes that the seasons brought.

As his wealth grew so did his garden until it became a piece of art in itself. He later purchased additional land with a water meadow, where he began his landscaping project which included the famous lily ponds.   2d2edd6a64bf2229464ae5c2dce26b92[2]

  • Use bright colours in bouquets
  • Wedding dresses adorned with floral appliques are ideal, and no one does nature inspired wedding dresses better than Claire Pettibone.
  • Use painting equipment to accessorize tables
  • Coloured glass will tie the colour scheme together and will reflect Monet’s love of changing light as the day goes on


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