scandinavian Retro Living Room

As I talked about in last weeks DIY post I am planning a living room makeover. I’ve always loved the retro feel and originally planned a jewel toned mid-century g-plan inspired living room but after deciding this was too dark for our already void of light living room I’ve decided on a Scandinavian theme with a bit of a retro twist. A lot of my inspiration came from, her house is absolutely stunning and so light and airy which is what I want for my living room. If you have a moment check out her instagram!

 I love the way she incorporates pastel tones and nature into her décor. The botanical trend is really popular and is a nice way to bring in an organic feel to any room. I also love the use of woven rag rugs which is the top of my list for rug choices once my wooden floor is lain.


I am aiming for a culture clash here, with a bit of American Mid century, English botanic and French regency, all underlined with Scandinavian vintage. An ambitious and eclectic combination! String shelving and geometrical shapes adds a little edge to the soft pastel tones and shabby fabric lampshades brings in the regency feel to add to the fresh mismatch of styles. I have opted for a mid century schreiber sideboard in my living room which houses our record player and Ikea’s retro inspired EKENÄSET armchairs (think Urban Outfitters Dagmar only cheaper.)

colour scheme

I have narrowed the colour scheme down to a fresh, airy pallet of mints, pinks, mustards, seafoams and greys to connote nature. All are colours which work well with the retro aspect as well as the soft French and Scandinavian influence.

This is very much a ‘if money was no object list’ so if anyone knows any cheaper alternatives me and my bank balance would be very grateful!


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