Neverland Wedding

Today I am looking at how to incorporate a Peter Pan theme into a wedding. It can be difficult to take a children’s book and adapt it into a day that is predominantly adult, especially without it looking incredibly Disneyesque (one of my massive pet peeves when it comes to fairytale themed weddings.)

So instead of looking at the Peter Pan movies for inspiration I have instead drawn on the original artwork.

The first thing I wanted to focus on is the natural quality of Neverland itself. Greens, sea blues and earthy golds create a rich, mature but magical colourscheme which, once injected with pinks and purples, really pops into life.

Flora which drape and fabrics that cascade also evoke a wild, natural feel, reminiscent of both the Lost Boys and the mermaids alike.The second aspect I wanted to draw on is the turn of the century setting of the novel. For this think London business men in bowler hats, ornate lace dresses with sleeves, brooches and relaxed modesty.

gold dress/ cake/ table setting/ green dress/ bouquet/ floral dress/ thimbles/ headpiece/Suit/ sash dress/ bow tie

For more ideas on this theme visit my Pinterest board.


5 thoughts on “Neverland Wedding

  1. What a beautiful concept! I love the way you have added elements to create a contemporary adult feel! What is the link to your board?


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