Vintage pastel kitchen

This weekend I visited the new Cath Kidston store in Milton Keynes and I’ll be honest it’s got me in a bit of a Kitschy mood, but then again I always want to put on my pinny and give Mrs Kirstie Allsopp a run for her money at this time of year. Anyway, this little trip has got me thinking about my own kitchen. It is currently boring and very beige…Yuk! So what better way to liven it up than with a bit of a vintage homemaker vibe.

I love pastel colours, especially those which are influenced by nature, so I created a colour scheme of mints, grey blues, pinks and mustardy browns.

vintage kitchen pastel

One thing I really want to create in my kitchen is a storage space for my vintage china whilst also making it a focal point. I plan on making some shelving units of my own for this (Craig & Rose’s sung blue is the most stunning shade for this and it compliments most of my china.)

And of course no Kitchen is complete without accessories. I love mixing my patterns and colours (I do it a lot with my china to create new dynamic looks) and I love the way mustard accessories in décor can bring a modern edge to something so soft and feminine.


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