Exploring Nature – Growing Things Workshop

Exploring Nature Growing Things (31) Yesterday I took Dylan along to an Exploring Nature workshop at the Milton Keynes Art Centre in Great Linford. If you follow my Facebook page you may have seen that I was lucky enough to be asked by the centre to be their official blogger following my posts on their previous workshops.

The first part of the Exploring Nature workshop was focusing on growing things, the class leader Debi-Sara Wilkinson began with a tour of the grounds where the children were encouraged to collect and discover some of the natural beauties the site has to offer.

She explained some of the history behind the grounds and was full of the kind of interesting facts that I personally enjoy. The children were taken to the bee hive on site and the location where grass snakes like to laze before being shown around Debi-Sara’s personal studio to gather inspiration for their own piece of work.

The children then proceeded to create their own 3d structure using the items they collected along with pipe cleaners, straws and paint. Dylan decided to make a farm which he topped off with a conker painted yellow to represent the sun. He was very proud of his structure until he looked around at some of the amazing pieces created by the older children, then we had a few tears. I explained to him that he was a lot younger than the other children and would be able to create more complex structures when he got older. He cheered up a little when I told him that his art reminded me of Dali’s melting clocks but it was the opportunity to plant sunflowers which really cheered him up.

We planted Sunflowers in our garden last year and they grew to be taller than me (although that’s not really difficult), so Dylan was really excited to grow some more. The children all planted their own pots to take away with them as well as some which are going to be grown on site. Exploring Nature Growing Things (19)Exploring Nature Growing Things (16)Exploring Nature Growing Things (21)Exploring Nature Growing Things (24) Exploring Nature Growing Things (25) Exploring Nature Growing Things (22)Exploring Nature Growing Things (27) Exploring Nature Growing Things (28) Exploring Nature Growing Things (29)The centre is holding several children’s workshops over the Easter break, including the second Nature workshop on Wednesday 8th April and a Pottery taster session, which if you’ve missed today’s class is also being held on Thursday 9th April. The Workshops are £10 per child which includes a healthy buffet style lunch.


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