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How you get into illustration?

I loved drawing since I was a little girl and at the age of 14 I realised that illustration was  a viable career option (I could draw for money, yay!!!), so I after finishing high school and art school (I went there parallel to the normal school) I went to University to study Illustration.

How would you describe your style?

My style is colourful, fun and I would like to develop it so that my drawings are like hugs, making people feel comfy and a bit better than a second before.

Do you have tips on developing an illustration style?

Hm, I am not sure to be honest. Keep drawing and don’t worry much about developing it, the style will develop itself once you put in many hours of work.

What is your favourite medium to work with?

I love several things to be fair, I’m a big fan of watercolour, gouache and brush pens but I also love the freedom digital manipulations in photoshop give me. So it’s a mixture of all of them which makes the best combos! 🙂

What advice can you offer other budding designers?

Exercise! It will help us (hopefully) to have a long creative life doing what we love.

Where do you get your influences from?

Mm, it’s a hard one. I guess from everywhere I go. I love great films, trashy tv shows, visiting all the wonderful exhibitions London has to offer, coffee shops & people watching. I guess my influences are mainly from my daily observations of colours, shape, forms, stories I overhear on the streets.

Do you work better in silence or to music?

It’s kind of weird but music really distracts me if I’m listening to something I am really involved in it and can’t do anything on the side.
If I’m in a stage of a project where I’m brainstorming & coming up with ideas I need silence. When I’m doing drawing or when I know where I’m going with the drawing I would have a tv show in the background (Murder She Wrote, X-Files) or a BBC art documentary (my favourites are with Andrew Graham-Dixon & Alastair Sooke).

Can you tell us about the creative process of designing?

I would get fixated on an idea (like creating a society of stationery addicts) or just keep thinking about coffee, as a result I would draw a lot of that and would end up creating a product. To be honest I never have a great plan of something and how it would work I just go with something I would like to own myself and make it a product.

What can we expect from you in the future?

A lot more illustrations & originals. Also a brand new website & shop (which are both in the making! :).

You can see more from Andsmile Studio here:
Website / Etsy / Facebook / twitter / Instagram / Pinterest

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