Chasers of the light – Tyler Knott Gregson

Chasers of the light Tyler Knott Gregson Rising out of the ocean blog

When you open ‘Chasers of the light’ you are instantly thrust into a world of bibliosmia and ink stained fingertips. Tyler Knott Gregson’s Typewriter Series holds a quality of nostalgia and romanticism which is hard to find in modern day poetry.

What makes this series so unique is the mind freeing, unedited process in which it is created. Each poem is written on a vintage Remington typewriter without planning and with an inability to erase. His poems are sometimes scattered and imperfect but it’s within these incoherencies that its beauty and honesty lies.

 The charming simplicity of his poetry strips everything away, leaving only what is needed to express a deep romance which saturates every line. You get the impression that romance for him extends far beyond his human relationships. It colours the way he sees the world, even when times grow dark.

Words by Hannah Earnshaw and Rachel Cole

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