Top 5 resources for Writers

unsplash stock photo rising out of the ocean blog top 5 resources for writers by Karen Guyler

Whenever I find myself searching for inspiration I turn to Pinterest, it is a wonderful source for creatives but it is also a huge distraction from actual writing. Today we are lucky enough to have Karen Guyler, author of the dystopian thriller ‘The only’ here to share her top 5 resources for writers, and these ones won’t leave you inadvertently looking at Ikea hacks and vegan cake recipes.

1 . On Writing by Stephen King

This is so good I’ve read it twice, cover to cover, and dipped in and out. His message is simple – just do it!

2. Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee

Hang on a minute, doesn’t that have screenwriting in the title? Yes, it does but he breaks down the all important art of telling a good story and that is true no matter what the medium. I devoured this book and took copious notes. Plus there is a crackingly long filmography at the back for inspiration when you need to do something other than write.

3. Writers’ Forum/Writers’ News/Writing Magazine/Writers’ Digest – magazines

These are all magazines to which you can subscribe and have delivered directly to your door. They offer subscriber only competitions, up-to-date news on the publishing world, advice and how-to articles for writers and are a generally good read. Writers’ Digest is a US publication so some of the competitions aren’t open to UK subscribers but the articles are definitely worth reading.

4. The Creative Penn – pod cast 

This is a weekly podcast by Joanna Penn (fabulous name for a writer!) She interviews authors, publishers, people and companies attached to publishing in any way possible, in short anyone who can help you in your writing journey. She’s a very entertaining speaker and very knowledgeable about self-publishing.

5. Electric Speed by Jane Friedman – newsletter

This is a newsletter delivered to your inbox. Jane lectures for writers’ Digest, amongst other places, and in this newsletter she shares digital tools and resources for authors. Short, informative and to the point, the newsletter is generally three things that will help you.

You can find Karen Guyler here: Twitter / Amazon / Website / Facebook
If you’re in Milton Keynes, Karen will be teaching creative writing through adult continuing education from September.


*image from unsplash

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