Megan McNulty

Today’s interview is with the fabulous Megan McNulty. Megan uses her love of all things retro, and pop culture to create the most mesmerising, fun, and colourful illustrations.

What inspires you?

Oh wow a tricky question straight away, I don’t have just one source of inspiration, I love vintage and retro things like old toys, cartoons and packaging, but pop culture and music are also most definitely a form of inspiration. And random weird things with a positive and fun vibe are always good! Currently I am also really in to interior as inspiration.

How would you describe your brand?

Fun-loving quirky illustrative products. These products mainly being postcards, pins, laser cut accessories and prints. I love making clean but playful designs, and love putting little jokes into it or something cheeky.

Tell us a little about your work environment?

I am very lucky because I have an amazing office at home, all to myself! I try to keep it tidy, but as you can imagine it never stays tidy for long. My desk is attached to a book shelf which is for storage but also my little inspiration corner, filled with amazing books, toys and other things I have collected along the way. On top of my book shelf is my printer, cutting machine and life size flamingo. (I said I liked random things!)

Do you work to music? If so what genre gets your creative juices flowing?

Mostly indie, especially if it has like an 80s vibe! And even though I like to make happy things one of my favourite bands is The Smiths, I am also really into Kate Nash & The Flaming Lips.

This isn’t work related, I’m just nosy…Tea or Coffee?

Tea! I really can’t drink coffee, I’ve tried so many times but just really dislike the taste.

What’s your guilty pleasure at the moment?

Oh… I don’t have a guilty pleasure for just this moment. But I do have a ongoing one… I really like this Dutch hip hop rap group : de jeugd van tegenwoordig (translate its : today’s youth) and I know way to many of their lyrics by heart, and sometimes I will be rapping along, out loud. Just to visualize that for you I am 5,2’ girl with huge glasses and normally I have a pencil in my hair, and I’ll sit there rapping along, it looks ridiculous haha.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

To be honest there are so many people I’d like to collaborate with, so it’s hard to choose! I love Studio DIY, but also companies like the Flying Tiger, or working with a musician like Kate Nash. If it’s collaborating with a fellow illustrator, then I would have to say Gemma Correl. She is my absolute hero.

What does the future hold for you and your company?

I am so bad at this, I always used to be super into planning everything out, but since I started my own business I realized how hard this is, and kind of let it go a little, I am currently working on my own Etsy shop, and crafts fairs, (as well as freelance work in the retail and graphic design field), and also am busy setting up a couple of creative events. I hope to just keep growing with my shop, business and to be able to support myself and just have fun!


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